The Foundation, is a Swiss foundation set up in year 2017 by Dr. Tej Tadi to support the global mental health of the most vulnerable, and the Aznavour Foundation, created by Charles Aznavour and his son Nicolas Aznavour to continue the humanitarian work started by the legendary artist, have formed a partnership to deliver novel neurotechnology to veterans from Armenian conflict zones and improve their quality of life. This is the first time therapists in Armenia will use this neurorehabilitation technology to support the recovery of patients.

The project will facilitate the treatment of people affected by the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict in Armenia by introducing them to Swiss FDA-approved, CE-marked game-based neurorehabilitation technologies developed by neuroscientists and therapists. These solutions, which cover the broad spectrum of motor and cognitive challenges, will provide more engaging therapy delivered at a higher dose and intensity than traditional care, aiming to maximize the recovery potential of patients along the care continuum. The method of care is being built from the ground up to meet the needs of this particular patient population, based on a thorough understanding of the neuro-theurapeutic context.

The Foundation, in cooperation with MindMaze Group SA, will provide cutting-edge technology, training in neurorehabilitation for physiotherapists and doctors working in the field, as well as funding and key administrative support. The Aznavour Foundation purchased the necessary new technologies from the Foundation and brought it to Armenia. The equipment was transferred to “Zinvori Tun” Rehabilitation Centre in Yerevan where the patients will be treated.

“ Foundation is laser focused on building the brain and mental health capacities of vulnerable populations, such as those who have suffered injury in Armenia due to armed conflict. We are delighted to partner with the esteemed and highly capable Aznavour Foundation to bring digitally-enabled, cutting-edge rehabilitation tools to the region, building the capacities of local care centers to support the return of health – and quality of life – to patients.” said Tej Tadi, founder of the Foundation.

“The Aznavour Foundation continues working on the projects that help improve the quality of life of the veterans. We’ve already opened a Rehabilitation Centre in the city of Vanadzor and have an entrepreneurial grant project for former military as well. But we also strongly believe in new technologies and we’ve seen the results our partners from Switzerland have already achieved. Here in Yerevan we decided to cooperate with the Zinvori Tun rehabilitation centre; their specialists are already being trained by Swiss partners and with the equipment already delivered and we can’t wait to see the first results.” said Kristina Aznavour, CEO of the Aznavour Foundation.

About Foundation
The Foundation was founded by Dr. Tej Tadi, to support the global mental health of the most vulnerable through financing special projects, supporting brain and mental health research and advocacy programs, as well as the provision of novel cutting-edge neurotechnologies. Example initiatives include helping to fund the special education of children with neurodegenerative diseases, funding projects in conflict zones in Africa to address PTSD and pain management, as well as the funding of a global neurotechnology rehabilitation consortium to advance education on the effectiveness and potential applications of neurotechnology in this space.

About Aznavour Foundation
The Aznavour Foundation, created by Charles Aznavour and his son Nicolas Aznavour aims at continuing the humanitarian work started by the legendary artist. The Foundation develops and implements educational, cultural, social and medical projects in Armenia and around the world. Another important axis of its mission is to preserve and promote the cultural and humanitarian heritage of Charles Aznavour.

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