We provide a new and effective approach to chronic disease management through the provision of practical, evidence-backed support and digital medicine treatments.


Compromised brain and mental health can have a devastating effect on individuals and entire families. It can cause untold short- and long-term disruption. We are changing human outcomes by delivering meaningful and practical support solutions that make a difference.

Operating in communities that face the greatest social, economic and societal challenges, we are transforming brain and mental health outcomes in children, young adults and entire families by providing access to the latest digital health tools, treatment and care.

We support the development of comprehensive mental health and social care services for programmes and foundations across the world, and we partner with some to conduct vital research and achieve additional learnings that will benefit generations to come.


If you think your programme or foundation could benefit from Neuro.io Foundation’s help, or if you have professional expertise that could support our work, we’d love to hear from you.



Supporting NGOs and local organizations to enable a more equitable future for those facing the combined adversities of economic, social and brain health challenges are the foundation’s key objectives.”

— Neuro.io founder, Tej Tadi

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life-changing work across the world

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