Douleurs Sans Frontières (DSF), which was founded in 1996, is an international NGO working to relieve pain and suffering among some of the world’s most disadvantaged populations.

Its Project BIAP, delivered in Maputo, Mozambique, provides vital new services, including psychosocial assistance and emotional support for people affected by chronic pain or illness, or who are in receipt of end-of-life care.

The project also supports family members and caregivers of those suffering with chronic disease, or who are experiencing bereavement, as well as children in emergency situations and victims of gender-based violence.

In addition, it provides crucial awareness-raising of, and training in, pain management, palliative care and psychosocial support for community associations, health workers and local healthcare institutes.


DSF has been able to progress to Phase 2 of Project BIAP thanks to direct funding and an in-kind contribution through technology from the Neuro.io Foundation.

Phase 2 of the project involves expanding awareness-raising activities related to pain, palliative care and psychosocial support in ways that were not feasible during Phase 1, due to the global pandemic.

Thanks to the donation that we received from the Neuro.io Foundation, we have been able to extend Project BIAP and develop it in response to the needs of patients and the public. In view of the positive results obtained at BIAP, we intend to continue this activity for the foreseeable future.

With the Neuro.io Foundation’s support, the BIAP model will be reproduced in other provinces of Mozambique, notably in the framework of a post-emergency project that we wish to set up for the displaced populations of Cabo Delgado.”

— Doulers Sans Frontières General Co-ordinator, Anne-Gaël Roure


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