The NCM is an international community of scientists, clinicians and students whose focus is the advancement of research into how the brain controls movement. The NCM’s annual conference is attended by experts in the field.

In line with a global drive towards patient-centric research and increased patient engagement with the neural R&D community, at the [year] NCM conference a patient was invited to present to delegates about his own experience with a cutting-edge neural implant.


A financial contribution from the Neuro.io Foundation covered the travel and accommodation expenses of Nathan Copeland, who was left paralysed from the chest down following a car accident in 2004. The Neuro.io Foundation’s donation enabled Nathan to attend the conference and share his personal experiences of innovative neural technology.

Nathan’s presentation gave the audience of neurophysiologists, engineers and clinicians critical insight into a patient’s experience of such technology, providing essential guidance on how the designs of next-generation neural implants should be tailored to ensure new technology for neural injury meets patient needs.


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